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THE ENTERPRISE BULLETIN WE NEED YOU TO HELP US SPREAD THE NEWS! Find a route in your area to deliver and receive a $25.00 Bonus. Ask for Details PLUS: Get a friend to sign up & you will both receive $25.00 NO FLYERS TO INSERT! NO COLLECTING! COLLINGWOOD: RT 08 - 5th St, Maple St, 6th St, Hurontario St. Earn approx. $10.44 RT 14 - 4th St E, Market St, St. Marie St. Earn approx. $12.06 RT 18 - Hume St, Minnesota St, Napier St. Earn approx. $12.60 RT 19 - Alma St, Simcoe St. Earn approx. $11.52 RT 23 - 4th St. E, Hume St, St. Paul, St. Peter Earn approx. $19.80 RT 33 - Peel St, Bush St, River Run Earn approx. $15.48 RT 36 - Hume St, Minnesota St, Napier St. Earn approx. $8.28 RT 43 - Erie St, Moberly St, Peel St, St. Vincent St, Ontario St. Earn approx. $15.12 RT 61 - Hurontario St, Katherine St, Lockhart Rd. Earn approx. $9.00 RT 68 - Dillon St, Godden St., Earn approx. $14.94 RT 71 - Pine St. Earn approx. $9.18 RT 281 - Thomas St, Kells Cres. Earn approx $7.20 RT 286 - Clark St, Findlay Dr. Earn approx $10.80 Motor Routes Available Duntroon/Singhampton Areas Reliable Vehicle, Valid insurance 1 day per week approx 3 - 6 hours Call for Details. Earnings are approximate, for every 2 week billing period. For more information, please call the Distribution Department at 705-445-4611 ext. 525232 or by email:
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